Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas time!!

My favorite holiday, my favorite time of year, my favorite absolute everything! It seems like everything about this time of year (except for the cold weather) is just absolutely amazing. The foods incredible, hot chocolate has candy cane in it, everything is decorated and everyone just seems nicer and happier. I'm a usually happy person but once Christmas time comes around I get twice as cheery. The only downside is since I'm in Oregon I can't really spend the holidays with my family. So the one thing I requested from Kyle was we get our own tree for our apartment so it feels more like home! This will be the very first Christmas I have ever spent away from my mom and even though we fight I still love her and it's tough to be away from her. I'm not so sure if Kyle really wants a tree but that doesn't change the fact I want one. He kind of figures that since we're spending the night at his moms we don't need to decorate or get a tree or anything but to me it's more than that. I want to bring the spirit of Christmas in my own home so I can be happier here and feel better about not being with my own family this year.

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