Saturday, November 20, 2010


So lately I've been having the goriest, scariest and most terrifying nightmares ever! I'm not really sure why but they suck. I tend to dream probably more than the average person and they've always been vivid and realistic along with really odd! Most of the time they make some sense along with what's going on in my life but ever since I've moved to Oregon they make no sense and are just absolutely horrendous! I don't think I should really go into details on the gory parts but the last one I had I was practically in tears. It makes me wonder if there's a reason or some deep meaning as to why they've been so off balance. It could be the one in a while scary movie, but even in my scary movie phase when I was younger they've never been this bad! Then I think maybe it could be stress, then I remember that I'm not really a stressed person no matter whats going on. Well all I know is they need to leave me alone so I can sleep!!


  1. Your blog picture is awesome. Where did you find this and how did you do it?
    I am sorry about your nightmares. They are never fun to have. When I have them, I feel them throughout the next day. It's weird. I hope they get better for you. Yvette

  2. HI Shanell,

    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Sleep is so important. It's no fun when it's interrupted by something so violent! I agree with Yvette-when I have bad dreams, I think about them for the next day, or so. I wanted to let you know that some medications and herbal supplements can cause bad nightmares. I was taking Melatonin to help me sleep and developed HORRIBLE bad dreams. I talked to my DR., who said to stop taking it. As soon as I di, the nightmares stopped. Just thought I'd tell you. Hope you have better dreams tonight..:) See you in class,