Sunday, November 7, 2010


Distance, this one word has haunted me so terribly over the past couple of years. It seems as if the people I love most are always so far away. I live in Oregon, my dad lives in Nevada, my mom and brother live in Arizona, and my best friends live in Minnesota. It's so frustrating wanting to have everyone I love near me and yet they're always so far away, then again it seems as if I always want to be somewhere I'm not. When I was in Minnesota I wanted to be in Nevada, when I was in Nevada I wanted to be in Arizona, when I was in Arizona I wanted to be in Oregon. Maybe I should learn to be content with how wonderful my life is right now. I have a great boyfriend, we have a great apartment and awesome friend here! We might get a kitten and things have just been all around great!

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  1. Shanell,
    I have been in your shoes. I moved away with my husband and daughter and missed my family dearly. When we moved back to our hometown and I often wondered if we made the right choice coming home. We did! Everyting will work out for you but you have to learn to be content, which is sometimes hard when it comes to family! Stay busy and keep your mind off of it.