Saturday, December 4, 2010

Love and Heartbreak.

Heartbreak has always amazed me in many ways, people let others devastate them and take everything away from them oh so very easily! I've been in love twice, once with a guy I dated for two years and now with Kyle my current boyfriend. I've broken up with many boys and I've been broken up with too but whatever happened I'm still great friends with all of my ex's no hard feelings at all! I can understand how people can care for so much and having them slip away may hurt, but instead of thinking how they lost someone they should focus on the new adventures life has in store for them! I truly believe that every person has a soul mate and that fate will bring them together in the oddest of ways. Don't focus on how difficult it's going to be after a break up, don't focus on the good things of that relationship. Instead, think of all the things that went wrong and why it might have been a dead end relationship, think of the sad times and it'll be a lot easier to move on! I honestly have issues comprehending why people let emotions consume them so easily, I've never been heartbroken so I really don't understand it. I also don't understand how people can be depressed when everything in the world is so beautiful! It's really amazing how harmoniously the world works together to survive.

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