Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teenage Romance is Dead

I moved to Oregon, far far away from everything I've always known in Arizona, and the main reason I moved was my boyfriend. I sometimes think he forgets everything I've given up to be here, including my brother, my friends, holiday traditions, actually being able to go out when I want, and my great job! I love Kyle to death but he doesn't always appreciate the fact that I clean, cook, and basically spoil him like crazy. I don't really ask for much but when I do I feel like I should be able to get it, even if it's something as simple as just watching tv for a night.

Today has definitely been tough on us, I've been extremely sick the past few days so I haven't been much fun and I haven't really wanted to do much. We had to do laundry all day long which made us both a bit grumpy towards each other and we've snapped for a few stupid things after that too! This is the most frustrated we have gotten with each other since we've been together. When I was younger I never understood how someone could start to distance themselves and fall out of love with someone they  once felt so passionately for. Now, I can see how things like that may happen, relationships are SO much work!! I love Kyle, he truly is my best friend in the world he just really needs to start to listen more and maybe even appreciate everything I am doing and have done for him. I know I'm at fault with a few things myself and I'm definitely working on them, I just need to make sure I'm not the only one making an effort.

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