Sunday, September 5, 2010

Working in Restaurants! UGH!!!!

My first, only, and current job is at a Denny's. When I was first about to start I was so excited to be able to start making my own money and be more independent! Now I want to stay at mommy's house for the rest of my life. Luckily, I'm only a hostess so I don't get all of the rudeness from some customers but wow we get some mean ones! I don't really understand what drives people to feel as if they have the right to be rude to people who work minimum wage jobs. Even I feel as if people look down upon me and I'm in college trying to better myself. One of my co-workers actually had a customer tell her that she isn't doing her job right and she CHOSE it so she needs to work harder. We've had customers purposely make messes, yell at us, and not tip (which is depressing because the servers here only make 4.25 an hour.  We might work in restaurants so people think we should somehow help everyone at once but we're only human, we only have two hands, and we're all trying to make a living the best we can!


  1. Shanell,

    I am sorry to hear that you aren't having such a wonderful experience working in a resturant especially this being your first job. And you are correct people can be very rude they don't think about how they would feel if someone was treating their child like that. My first resturant job was working at Wendy's and thankfully it wasn't that bad of an experience but have to say that the only way I would go back is if I absolutly had to because like you said people are rude and I am not one to hold my tongue very well. I hope that your job starts to get easier and the experience gets a little better. Good luck.


  2. Shanell - I can't believe how awful people act in restaurants! My first job was in a Chinese take out place - and people were rude there as well!