Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Flies Once You Grow Up.

When I was still in high school it seemed like time couldn't go by fast enough! Every day it was the same thing the same drama's same type of work. Now I can't get time to slow down! Between school and looking for work and keeping my new apartment clean time is just literally flying! It's a good thing Kyle and I live together or I don't think we'd see each other! Today for example, he went to school early this morning, came home for a few hours (while I was doing homework) then left for work and he won't be back til tonight. We have so much stuff to do! We have to get our mailbox key changed, renters insurance, and a lot of different things involving work and the apartment. I'm not entirely sure how wer'e going to fit everything into the week but we'll figure it out! My plan is to just make a list, do things step by step, and hope that things begin to slow down.


  1. i'm still in high school....and time drags by sooo slowly.

  2. Yeah just wait til you start college... There's barely enough time for anything! It's tough to balance everything but you just have to figure it out somehow or you'll get stressed which is never good!