Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well, I guess it really IS time to grow up! I'm trying to make sure to get all of my homework done but tempting situations keep getting in the way! I play video games a lot and a new game is coming out this Tuesday called Halo Reach, it's going to be so difficult to make sure to do my homework BEFORE I sit down and play games. If I don't time will pass by and all of my work will be late when it shouldn't be! Another big thing coming up is a camping trip I'm planning on participating in. This weekend my boyfriend and some of our friends are planning on going camping for a few days so I really need to make sure my stuff is done! Looks like my Monday is already planned for homework then!

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  1. Hello fellow gamer. I also have to prioritize my homework around my game time. I too love PC games. I hope that you get you work in on time and that you win the game. Let me know if the new HALO game is fun, I am looking for a new game. Have a great week.