Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Job Searching in New Territory!

Ok so I moved in to the new apartment, I'm all ready and comfortable here but the only problem is I really need a job! It seems as if no one in Oregon is even hiring! The one place that was hiring just might call me next week so I'm crossing my fingers for that one! Growing up is so difficult with todays economy and oh so very stressful. I'm also basically living off of my boyfriend which I hate, I'm usually very independent so the times I'm actually not I tend to get a big grumpy which is not good for the relationship of a couple of teens! Luckily, Kyle is amazing and understanding about the situation and doesn't really seem to mind which helps take the stress off of me. It'll also be nice to have my own money again! When I was in Arizona I knew practically everyone in town so it was easy for me to find a job so this challenge might actually be just what I need to grow as a person! Wish me luck everybody!

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